The Team

Leslie Robertson 

Founder/Owner/Personal Trainer/Lifestyle Coach

  • Former Division 1 NCAA Volleyball Player (2002-2006)
  • BSc Human Performance/K-12 Phys Ed (2002-2006) 
  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coaching (2015)
  • Certified 200hr Hatha Yoga Teacher (2012)
  • AGATSU Level 1 KettleBell Certified (2009)
  • New Balance Fitness Ambassador (2016)

“I believe that every client requires a different approach to training as each one of us possesses a unique personality, learning style and commitment level. One of my strengths is my ability to connect with and motivate each and every single one of my clients. Regardless of your current fitness level or what your goals are, I am determined to show you how you can feel and look your best without following a strict diet or spending hours in the gym. It will be a challenging ride at times, but I always make the journey rewarding and fun! Getting in great shape is more than just lifting weights and eating right but overcoming the mental and emotional struggles and challenges we encounter every single day. If you’re ready to become a part of my amazing team of clients, there is no better time than NOW! Let me show you how you can redefine YOUR PRIME!”

Peter Koutras-Certified Personal Trainer/Lifestyle Coach

“I love helping people overcome obstacles in their life. There is no better feeling than seeing my clients’ daily transformations. For example, my clients often arrive for a session all stressed out with work and family, but leave with a sense of calm and a big smile on their face. I’m happy because I know their day will be better because they conquered an amazing workout and they focused on their next healthy meal. Finally, I can’t forget about the great laughs we share everyday at the studio. Sometimes it seems like a comedy hour with all the hilarious jokes and crazy stories.”







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