PRIME is a private personal training studio located at 429 St. Laurent Road, next to Manor Park neighbourhood and only a few blocks north of Montreal Road

We work with our clients to help them reach their fitness and nutrition goals by teaching them various strategies to implement healthy habits (physically and mentally) into their daily lives. We have created a positive and friendly environment where we welcome people all ages and fitness levels. Our goal is to make our clients feel ‘at home’ in our private yet welcoming facility. We can guarantee that we will provide our clients with fun yet effective workouts each and every time they come into see us. As soon as you invest in PRIME personal training, you become a part of a fantastic and friendly fitness community.

We have flexible payment plans, no membership fees, and we will work closely with your schedule to make sure you have time to make your health and fitness a priority. Yes, even YOU can make time for exercise with your busy schedule!

It is our pleasure to make your workouts FUN and EFFECTIVE and you’ll always leave your session feeling better than when you first came in!

We currently have 2 certified and passionate full-time trainers and 1 certified part time trainer who have at least 10 years of personal training experience .

If you’re looking for inspiration or motivation to workout on a regular basis or perhaps you have a goal that you keep ‘trying’ to achieve but haven’t yet been able to follow through, come visit us at PRIME, we will help you achieve your goals and show you how you can… REDEFINE YOUR PRIME!

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